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Sellboost is the result of nine years of experience in e-commerce. We were born small and now we have become one of the most important agencies specialised in SaaS for eCommerce in Spain.


Being a small agency was the beginning.

Back in 2011 was when the agency from which the idea of Sellboost was born. We are dedicated to the development of online stores and when we wanted to start selling in other countries, it was when we found ourselves with an amalgam of processes and tools that consumed a lot of money and, above all, a lot of time.

But it wasn't until 2019 when we focused on providing technological solutions to optimise and get more out of each project. That was when we realised that we had to create our own tools that were able to meet our needs. This is how Glotio, an automatic translator and Sellboost's first SaaS, was born.

Sellboost is currently a company specialising in the creation of SaaS for eCommerce. With several equity funds, such as Stiria Capital, Sellboost is one of the most solid and importantcompanies in the sector at a nationallevel.


These are our principles,
and we have no other principles like Groucho.



We are absolutely certain that innovation arises when we look curiously around us and think "this can be done better".



Internal politics are a waste of time. We work with transparency and an open mind. We are doing something great that is born out of creativity and this can only be achieved by creating trusting, healthy and honest spaces.



Our infinite fuel is to face our day-to-day life and work with passion. It is what gives us that feeling of "gusto", that indescribable pleasure in doing what we do. This is the only way we bring value to ourselves and to those around us.


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